Incredible Achievement: Naylors Hits Back to Back Homers in a Historic Inning for the Guardians

Fred McGriff and Scott Rolen, two modest and highly regarded baseball players, will be officially inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame next week. In anticipation of the July 23 induction ceremony in Cooperstown, New York, both athletes graciously conducted separate video calls with the media.

During these conversations, Rolen expressed his genuine humility, acknowledging the extraordinary company he will join alongside legendary figures like Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, and Hank Aaron. The opportunity to be recognized alongside these iconic players is an immense honor that he deeply appreciates.

Scott Rolen’s journey to the Hall of Fame reached its pinnacle in the winter when he was elected in his sixth year of eligibility on the BBWAA (Baseball Writers’ Association of America) ballot. Starting with just 10.2% of ballots in his first attempt, Rolen steadily gained support, eventually surpassing the required threshold for enshrinement with an impressive 76.3%.

Fred McGriff’s path to induction was even more challenging. Despite hitting 493 career home runs and achieving six top-10 finishes in MVP voting, he had to wait patiently for the required five-year waiting period before becoming eligible for the ballot. Over the course of ten attempts with the writers, McGriff faced an uphill battle, peaking at 39.8% of support.

Both Rolen and McGriff exemplify the importance of perseverance in their journeys toward baseball’s highest honor.

After 41 years since his professional debut, Fred McGriff finally secured a place in the Hall of Fame thanks to unanimous support from an era committee that convened during the 2022 winter meetings.

Reflecting on his journey, McGriff shared his humble perspective, stating that as a player, his initial goal was to make it to the big leagues. Once there, his focus shifted to performing well and striving for a World Series victory. He emphasized the importance of persistence in pursuing his dreams.

For Scott Rolen, his time with the St. Louis Cardinals played a significant role in his eventual Hall of Fame election. During his five-plus seasons with the Cardinals, Rolen achieved numerous accolades, including four All-Star selections, three Gold Gloves, and a fourth-place finish in the 2004 NL MVP voting. His notable performance during the 2006 World Series against the Detroit Tigers further elevated his stature among Hall voters.

Rolen expressed his belief that his induction is a testament to the success he experienced as part of the Cardinals organization. He holds a deep appreciation for his time in St. Louis, highlighting it as the pinnacle of his career.

While Rolen’s early years with the Philadelphia Phillies did not result in playoff appearances, he downplayed any lingering acrimony between himself, the team, or its fans. He looks forward to being honored in Philadelphia and maintains positive relationships with the organization and its owner.

McGriff’s Hall of Fame plaque will not feature a specific team logo, reflecting his nomadic career across six teams. Often sought after as a final piece to a championship puzzle, McGriff’s impact was felt as he helped lead the Atlanta Braves to a World Series title in 1995. McGriff treasures the experience of winning a championship, considering it a remarkable achievement in both individual and team aspects of the game.

Next week, both Rolen and McGriff will deliver their Hall of Fame acceptance speeches, already completed with careful thought and preparation. They will stand before thousands of devoted fans, surrounded by legendary figures, some of whom were their childhood heroes or former teammates.

For these two understated greats, their inclusion in baseball’s most exclusive club was not something they necessarily envisioned. However, Rolen always believed that McGriff deserved the honor, expressing his deep respect for him as a person and player. Their connection as Hall of Famers is a lasting honor that they will cherish.

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