Samsung’s Game-Changing Update: Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera to Get Sharp, Clear Photos and More

A new report suggests that Samsung is cooking up something big for its Galaxy S24 Ultra camera. This update promises to make your photos clearer and sharper. A well-known leaker, Ice Universe, shared some comparison pictures on Twitter. These images show a clear difference before and after the update. The ones after the update look much better, with sharper details and clearer text. What’s impressive is that these improvements don’t come with any negative effects, like weird-looking sharpened edges.

Ice Universe also hinted at what might be causing this magic. Apparently, there’s a trick with the camera’s magnification. Photos taken at slightly lower zoom levels sometimes end up sharper. Plus, turning off a feature called “auto lens switching” in Samsung’s Camera Assistant app seems to help too. This suggests that Samsung is tweaking how the camera handles zooming and switching between lenses, which could greatly boost picture quality.

But that’s not all. The update is also said to fix a problem with a shadowy effect around the sun in certain shots. So, if everything goes as planned, Galaxy S24 Ultra users can expect better photos in various situations.

A Top-Tier Smartphone with Some Flaws

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is a top-tier smartphone, but there are other options to consider. The previous generation of Galaxy phones, while not as advanced, can save you money and still offer solid performance. The Z Fold5, from last year, is another contender, especially if you value productivity and a large screen. However, it’s more expensive and has a lesser camera system.

If you’re looking for a regular Samsung smartphone with a large screen, the S24+ might be a better fit. It has the latest technology but lacks the best cameras and a stylus.

Despite its strengths, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has some flaws. The display isn’t perfect, and Samsung’s charging technology isn’t the fastest. These issues may be addressed in future software updates, but they’re worth considering.

A Complete Package with a Few Hiccups

The new Galaxy S24 Ultra camera’s zoom action may have some quirks due to an overworked software team and tight deadlines. However, these issues are expected to be resolved in the coming weeks. Despite these minor hiccups, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is still Samsung’s top-of-the-line smartphone, offering a comprehensive package that is unmatched in the market.

Unlike previous iterations, Samsung didn’t just rest on its laurels with the S24 Ultra. The phone introduces new materials in its build, enhancing both the tactile and visual experience. The switch to flat screens across the range is a welcome change, offering a more practical and user-friendly design. Additionally, the S24 Ultra boasts impressive battery life, outperforming competitors like the Pixel and iPhone in terms of longevity.

One standout feature of the S24 Ultra is the inclusion of an always-with-you stylus, a rarity outside of Samsung’s flagship devices. This accessory may not seem necessary at first, but once experienced, its convenience becomes apparent.

The camera system is another highlight, with a reimagined telephoto setup that adds versatility to the device. While the rear camera modules may not be as flashy as those from Chinese brands, Samsung’s optimization ensures that the S24 Ultra delivers exceptional performance.

Overall, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is a testament to Samsung’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Despite minor software issues, the phone offers a complete package that sets the standard for high-end smartphones.


  • Enhanced Display: The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s new display glass offers an improved viewing experience, with vibrant colors and sharp details. The screen is bright and easy to view even in direct sunlight.
  • Durable Build: Featuring tougher materials and a titanium frame, the S24 Ultra is built to last. The robust build ensures durability and longevity, suitable for everyday use.
  • Flatscreens Design: After years of curved displays, the return to a flat screen enhances usability and prevents accidental touches on the edges of the screen.
  • Long Battery Life: The S24 Ultra boasts impressive battery life, ranking among the best in its class. Users can enjoy extended usage without constantly worrying about recharging.
  • Versatile Camera System: The camera system on the S24 Ultra is as versatile as ever, with an improved telephoto lens and enhanced processing capabilities. This ensures users can capture stunning photos and videos in any situation.


  • Display Flaws: Despite its improvements, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s display has some flaws that may be obscure or fixable over time but can affect the overall impression.
  • Charging Speed: The phone’s charging speed is still behind the curve, and it’s picky about adapters. The bundled cable is limited to 3A, which may not meet the needs of some users.
  • Image Quality Disparity: There’s an illogical disparity in image quality between 10x zoom and slightly lower zoom levels, which can be a frustrating experience for users who expect consistent performance across different zoom levels.


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